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Methadone Treatment

About Methadone Treatment with Martinsburg Institute

Martinsburg Institute offers comprehensive opioid use disorder treatment services to adults 18 and older. We specialize in methadone maintenance, one-on-one therapy and primary care services. Our patients receive evidence-based care that addresses addiction’s underlying causes and manages withdrawal symptoms. Community members and opioid treatment participants may also receive affordable primary care from Martinsburg Institute.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) From Martinsburg Institute

At Martinsburg Institute, we specialize in medication-assisted treatment (MAT). In a MAT program, the patient takes medication that reduces their withdrawal symptoms and euphoria from using opioids. This combination of benefits helps them stay committed to treatment. MAT also involves one-on-one counseling that helps the patient understand their thoughts and feelings about opioids. Patients with opioid use disorder can live safer and healthier lives when they use MAT in recovery.

Martinsburg Institute Methadone Treatment in Washington, DC

The MAT program at our clinic involves methadone, a medication with years of demonstrated results. Methadone has no “ceiling effect” where it loses effectiveness at a specific amount. As a result, your doctor can prescribe the amount of methadone needed to address symptoms of all levels of severity. A proper methadone regimen will reduce your symptoms for 24 to 36 hours per treatment.

Methadone MAT programs have a structured beginning that helps the patient stay committed to treatment. Daily visits to the clinic assist them in developing new recovery habits. As someone progresses through methadone MAT, they can earn the privilege to take medicine home by following state and federal guidelines.

Counseling as Part of a Methadone MAT Program

The MAT model includes therapy with an experienced counselor. During opioid use disorder counseling, the patient has a space where they can discuss the emotional aspects of addiction. They may have underlying traumas or a mental health condition that influences their drug use. Some patients benefit the most from a treatment strategy focused on coping skills or reintegration into society. You and your therapist will determine the best options for your recovery.

Martinsburg, WV Opioid Addiction Services

To provide a comprehensive recovery experience, we offer additional psychosocial services that manage further aspects of addiction. Opioid use disorder impacts multiple parts of everyday living. We can provide more support in your recovery with services such as:

  • MAT Using Methadone Treatment
  • Case Management
  • Coordinated Treatment During Pregnancy
  • Addiction & Relapse Prevention Education

As we develop your treatment plan, we’ll find ways to raise your chances of success in recovery. Remember to mention all your symptoms and diagnoses during intake for the best results.

Why Work With Martinsburg Institute?

Our patients choose our clinic because of our:

  • Respectful care: At Martinsburg Institute, we understand opioid use disorder as a medical condition that can improve with treatment. Our staff looks beyond the diagnosis and will treat you with respect and dignity.
  • Evidence-based services: We have decades of data showing that MAT helps people recover from opioid addiction. Every service we offer has evidence that supports its effectiveness.
  • Personalized treatment plans: During intake, we’ll develop a care strategy tailored to your needs, carefully considering your symptoms and situation and creating a treatment plan with the highest chance of success using methadone Treatment.

We can help you reclaim your life with quality, affordable services accredited by industry-leading organizations.

Get on the Path to Recovery

Let us assist with your opioid use disorder help with our Methadone Treatment. Schedule an intake appointment and work with us to develop a personalized treatment plan. Contact us using our online form or by calling our office at (304) 263-1101

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David Brode
David Brode
08:51 30 Dec 20
Saved my life!! The people that work there most are amazing. Linda is my all time favorite person. Wish she was a... counselor—she definitely should more
Kenny Weigle
Kenny Weigle
15:04 12 Sep 20
If you're really ready to get clean, this is definitely the place to go for help. For the most part they treat you like... more
David Unger
David Unger
12:04 30 Jun 20
All the staff are friendly, no judgement and are here to help.
angela shackelford
angela shackelford
23:45 22 Dec 19
I love every nurse and almost every counselor there(a couple counselors are still learning) I feel as if they genuinely... care and really are trying to help people because they do see us as humans and not just as addicts and they are still saving my life!read more
Derek Walker
Derek Walker
15:12 26 Nov 19
Great unless your counselor forgets to send your paperwork whenever you need to guest dose. You are who you hire...... other employees were pleasant more
Nurse Terra
Nurse Terra
16:24 10 Oct 18
Staff is very friendly and professional. This place helps a lot of individuals get their life back on track. Thankful... its here in this more
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